1. General Information

The Championship will be run through the online plugin, which you can find HERE. For information on how to start the plugin HERE

Driver has to be registred to the plugin under his name and in the shapes:

Name Surname
Surname Name

Note: Driver with different shape of plugin registration will be excluded from the rally.

Championship Settings 

Damage: Real
Service: 2x 30 minutes
Setup change: Only in service area
Tire change: Only in service area
Superally: Yes (5 minutes)
Cut control: Light

Note: The Superally participants are returning to competition after second service.

2. Participation

CSI Rallye-Cup (CSI = Czechoslovak International) is primarily for drivers of Czech or Slovak nationality, who are registered to the event. Drivers of other nationalities are welcome to join.

3. Championship

Number of  events: 8
Avarage lenght: cca 60 km
Number of legs: 1
Number od Special Stages: 4 SS
Number of Runs on each SS: in most cases 2 
Competition start: Wednesday 6:00 to Sunday 23:59

Before each event don't forget to register to it via plugin! The registration ends on Sunday 12:00 before each event.


Group 1: Selected cars of WRC (until homologation year 2000) and A8 group from plugin takes points within the overall clasification
Group 2: Selected cars of S2000 and N4 group from plugin takes points within the overall clasification and AWD CUP
Group 3: Selected cars of A7, S1600, A6 and A5 from plugin takes points within the overall clasification and CSI Formula 2 Cup
Group 4: All available cars of Group H from plugin takes points within the overall clasification and CSI Historic Cup

The available cars can be found in section Technika (Under Construction)

Points distribution:

10 fastest drivers can take points to Overall clasification of CSI Rally Cup + CSI AWD CUP + CSI Formula 2 CUP + CSI Historic Cup:

25 - 18 - 15 - 12 - 10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 1

All drivers take points to Overall Clasification (CSI Rally Cup) no group depending. 

The Powerstage (always the last special stage of the event) is introduced and the 3 fastest drivers of CSI Rally Cup + CSI AWD CUP + CSI Formula 2 CUP + CSI Historic Cup score bonus points (3 for first place, 2 for second place, 1 for third place).

4. Driver and team clasification

Every driver, who takes points in at least one event is classified in championship standings. In case of identical time at the event by 2 or more drivers the number of won stages or the better result decides.

In case point equality at the end of the season the number of victories or better results decides.


5. Reset

Maximum numbers of 3 resets are allowed during the whole season in case of stage loading issues.

There is a 1 minute penalty for each reset - LATE ARRIVAL AT TIME CONTROL. 
Reset will not be permited, if the issue was caused by own will, for example Alt + F4, ICQ, Antivirus ect.

You can apply for reset via plugin.

6. Protests

In case of penalty, which is considered as unjustified, the driver is obliged to sent the screenshots and replay (with information regarding the car no. slot) to email adress

An evidence number will be linked to each protest and together with the decision (after few days) will be published on web series.

In case of success, the penalty time will not be counted.